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Membership Information

We would like to invite all the families of our Lee Hall Elementary School Engineers to join the PTA for this school year. Membership dues are only $5.00 per person. Your dues help support state and national PTA programs and legislative initiatives, as well as programs and activities right here at Lee Hall Elementary School. You may fill out a membership form at our PTA table on Open House night or at any PTA general meeting throughout the school year. If you have any specific questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the PTA, please contact one of our officers. We look forward to working with you to help keep our students "On Track for Success"!

Benefits to Joining the PTA

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Upcoming events

October 2015

5th-9th:   Scholastic Bookfair
17th:   3rd Annual Be A Buddy, Not A Bully Walk
23rd:   General Membership Meeting & 3rd Grade Music Showcase
29th:   Wild Animal Adventure Show

November 2015

20th: General Membership Meeting & 3rd Grade Music Showcase

December 2015

11th:   Winter Fest

Additional 2015-16 PTA Dates


Nicole Varanavage  is the box top coordinator. Please do not forget to clip your boxtops. Every box top coupon earns our school $.10, so it adds up fast. A complete list of participating products can be found at www.boxtops4education.com . Do you frequently choose to do your shopping online? Then check out the official web site for more information about the Boxtops Marketplace and Reading Room. Over seventy major retailers contribute as much as eight percent of your total purchase directly to the school of your choice. So register online today. Be sure to designate Lee Hall Elementary as your supported school!

Also, please continue to save your Campbell's Soup Labels. A complete list of products can be found at www.labelsforeducation.com . To turn in your boxtops and labels, you may send them in with your child, or you may bring them with you to our monthly PTA meetings. We will have a drop box available at our membership table for both boxtops and soup labels. Thank you in advance for helping support our school with these valuable fundraisers!

PTA Officers 2015-2016

Tara Evanson

Vice President
Phil Harris

Melissa Sprat

Whitney Andrews




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